A Delicious Night with the 7×7 Big Eat Supper Series

Hot iron caldron to serve Namu Gaji's Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory seafood pancake

End of September (yeah, time flies by) we were invited to attend 7×7 Big Eat Supper Series and enjoyed an evening full of delicious food from local San Francisco restaurants, wines and cocktails. The event series spread over 5 evenings with different restaurants offering a taste of their signature dishes.

First things first, so we started with a glass of wine from Priest Ranch winery.


The 2014 Priest Ranch Grenache Blanc was one of the surprises that night: we are always happy to taste “forgotten” varieties which are not easy to find. In this case, we were also impressed by the crispiness and the acidity of this white wine, rich with a wide range of fresh fruit and florals. It will pair perfectly with the seafood dishes that we’ll show later in the post. This white wine can age well for a few years and reach greater complexity.

The red wine we tasted was a more classic 2012 Priest Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon, full-bodied but smooth with silky finish. We enjoyed the combination of these two wines and we had a hint of the diverse selection that Priest Ranch offers with a common trait of respect to the variety and the terroir.

And then we dived right into the delicious food, which was freshly cooked on site.

Aquitaine served Pommes Frites with sauce Ravigote. We love their signature way to serve those Pommes Frites – at the event and at their restaurant.



Smokestack at Magnolia Brewing Company brought their (spicy!) pork cheddar sausages.



After the first hearty bites, we switched to the delicious cocktails courtesy of Cointreau – a Bridgetown Old Fashioned and a Botanist & Tonic.



In case you want to give your cocktail mixing skills a try, here are the recipes (or at least ingredients):Cointreau_cocktails


People went crazy over Lolo’s Panko Avocado Taco and we got lucky to snatch one piece.



The dish we got crazy about was Namu Gaji‘s Okonomiyaki – a Japanese pancake (yay, we know – it doesn’t look anything like a pancake). The crispy, savory seafood pancake dish is made of kimchee, scallion, vegetables, bonito flake, oko sauce and kewpie mayo and served in a hot cast iron cauldron.



Piccino served their pork & beef polpette.



Foreign Cinema made sure we finish the evening on a sweet note with their organic poptarts (not that we ate the poptarts at the end but rather during the evening just to make sure we got to taste it.)



Looking through our pictures it seems we missed Hog Island Oyster Co.‘s Oyster Po’Boy.

Did you already eat at any of the restaurants mentioned? Any recommendations? We definitely want to try Namu Gaji!

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