15 Really Mean Wine Reviews

Wine Review

We are avid users of wine-related apps and we constantly test new ones. This time we have collected 15 of the meanest reviews on Vivino.

 1. The Brief Review

Very short and straight to the point, this first type of reviews is one of our favorites:

Never Again

Shitty Wine

Good For Cooking


Could Not Finish The Bottle

2. The “Tastes Like” Review

Wine tasting is very related to our senses and our memories, and this is true also when we don’t like what we drink…

Tastes Like Gasoline

Tastes Like Medicine

Mother of Pearl

Tastes Like Shit

3. The “Pro” Review

The Pros keep it technical and descriptive even in negative reviews.


“passable as bottle #3” could have been one of the best brief reviews!

Pro Review 2

Pro Review 1

4. The “Next Level” Review

This last type of reviews is our favorite, and really brings the mean review to the next level:

Tastes Like Depression

Outlook Of Life

Last to Be Picked

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